SHEARites' Perspective on the $20 Bill

Unless you spent 24/7 in an archive last week or went into isolation to put the finishing touches on your 2016 SHEAR conference paper, you know that the U.S. Treasury Department announced that it was replacing Andrew Jackson with Harriet Tubman on the front of the $20 bill. The news was met with mixed reactions. Andrew Jackson VI… Read More

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SHEAR 2016: Graduate Research Seminars

SHEAR is pleased to open registration for the 2nd¬†annual graduate student research luncheon seminars.¬† Reserve your spot for a free catered luncheon facilitated by two senior scholars in the field on Friday, July 22, 2016. These seminars permit grad students and senior faculty to discuss common themes, important areas of research, and the challenges faced… Read More

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Harold D. Moser, 1938-2016

Harold D. Moser, longtime editor of both the Daniel Webster and Andrew Jackson Papers projects, passed away on April 4, 2016. A published obituary notes his contributions to the field of documentary editing and the Early Republic: Harold’s more than thirty-year career was under the aegis of the National Historical Publications and… Read More

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The End of the Republic

Taking the lead from the nation, which believes that nothing occurred between the Constitution and the Civil War, the Republic is coming to an end after a short tenure. Let’s be honest–SHEARites have nothing to contribute to the nation’s historical illiteracy. Weighing in on 21st-century debates about race relations and immigration doesn’t really make sense. Modern-day presidential politics are… Read More

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